October 20, 2005
sorry about that earlier comment steve, i was immature, you're a winner in my book anyday
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May 23, 2005
steve, you a loser.

how long still steve finds out i called him a looooooooosssssssser? starts may 23rd...
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November 10, 2004
hey i know you mr. bloggggggggggger!

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May 11, 2004
Hey What's Shaking
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January 08, 2004
10. Stephen Malkmus - Pig Lib

I really like his solo work. It's catchy and just really good.

9. Tomahawk - Mit Gas

Mike Patton fucking rules.

8. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism

Hey, it's not We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes and it's no the Photo Album, but it's still damn good. I think it's definitely the logical progression for the band. These guys have a kind of grace about them that just makes them seem so perfect. Seeing them live back in the Photo Album era was a sight to behold. They came out on stage and playing the songs with an energy that was perfectly matched to the songs. This is the work of the band that left me wanting more and it's a more than satisfying record to get by with.

7. Rjd2 - Rjd2 is God

This fan assembled compilation is hot. I've got some of the tracks on The Horror, but this has some real gems, like True Confessions. This proves the Rjd2 is the next super producer. I want him to produce a shitload more in the next year.

6. !!! - Me and Guiliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story)

Yeah, it's only two songs. And yeah, the second song is only a remix of a song on the first album. It's a good remix, but it's like, well, I've sorta heard this before. I'll be damned if the A side in the title track is not the best nine minute dance jam of the year. I heard this the day before I saw them. I heard all the talk about them, how they play dance music (wha' tha' hell?") and that their live shows were amazing. Anyways, I heard this song and didn't get to let it sink in too much (there was the last Dismemberment Plan show I'd see to look forward to) but the next day I knew had to get this single. I saw 'em at Siren and was blown away. I only knew this song but the others were great too. Sure, they only played three songs but when they busted this song out (with the whole stomp, clap breakdown at the end) I was blown away. When I saw 'em on October 30, it reaffirmed my belief that these guys could bring the beat and the boogie. Hands down, seeing these guys tear it up at the TLA was the best. Yeah, it's two songs, but yeah, it's hella good too. And the new full length will definitely be on the list in a year.

5. The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow

I saw these guys right after Oh Inverted World came out. Of course it was summer, Coney Island and unbelievably crowded. I had a copy of the album on vinyl that I just couldn't listen to a lot because I had a lot of other stuff to listen to. Well, this came out and I got a copy right away. Well, since then, I've listened to that and Oh Inverted World a whole lot. This album is just too good. The live video on what was it, KEXP? was crazy good. This album has everything. It's just good time winter fun. Oh Inverted World is the summer album and this is the Winter Album. They've got that shit covered.

4. The Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island, Burn

Sure, the singing isn't great. Hell, it isn't even good. And the guitars are sloppy and sound like they're all over the damn place. The weird part is that all of this stuff works. I had heard a few random songs of theirs before on a comp or two (including that godawful cover of Queen and Bowie's Under Pressure) but I decided to give this thing a shot when I saw it in the record store the day it came out. What a good move. This album is something fierce. The intensity that these guys deliver is just insane. I think Pitchfork actually put it best when they said that Guitarmy is only a preview of what these guys intended to do. The 39 second track is exactly that. You know what you're in for and the whole album delivers. I will disagree and say that Every Breath is a Bomb is probably my favorite track of the album. This album makes me want to wear girl's jeans and act like the Blood Brothers.

3. MF Doom as Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain

2002 was the year when I finally saw that I could like hip hop. It started with El-Producto himself. 2003 was the year that I decided to listen to a whole shitload of good rap. I started off on the Def Jux crew with Aesop Rock and Rjd2 and Mr. Lif. That was all cool and shit, but I knew there had to be other underground hip hop that I would dig. Anyways, on the coalesce messageboard (of all places), I heard about this dude named MF Doom. The cool shit was he had an MF Doom mask and would rap about cool stuff and use cool samples from old TV shows. I heard he had a whole bunch of stuff coming out this year under a whole bunch of pseudonyms (like King Gheedora and this Viktor Vaughn one.) I gave the King Gheedora release a download and fuck was it good. Then I heard this was supposed to be good, so I gave it an advanced preview. And fuck, was it fucking amazingly good. All the beats are great and the flow of MF Doom compliments everything perfectly. Not to mention the amazing amazing Saliva produced by the amazing Rjd2. That song is the bright spot on a blinding album.

2. The Rapture - Echoes

Tell me that "House of Jealous Lovers" is not one of the most catchy and best indie rock songs of the year. And tell me that it's not a great dance tune. I was a little lukewarm to this album at first, but hell if it isn't the second best thing out this year. I would say the whole indie dance rock movement would be lame if it wasn't so goddamn catchy. These guys and !!! are making the scene get back to the basics of boogie. Hands down, one of the best albums of the year. No question.

1. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Hearts of Oak and Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead

I've been a huge fan of Ted Leo ever since what, 2 years ago when I heard of him on Panaphobic Superhero. I figured I'd check out the song mentioned (Under the Hedge) **!** Well, the song kicked ass and I downloaded everything I could find at 2 AM. I found a few songs and that clinched it. I went to the record store the next morning at 11 and bought the Tyranny of Distance. I was dumbfounded that they had it. And it's the only time I ever saw it there. Anyways, that's one of my favorite albums ever and so are these two releases that came out this year. Hearts of Oak was a bit different, but it made my jaw drop all the same. This man is amazing. Seeing him live twice in 2003 just topped it all off. Seeing him sing to the back of an empty club in Lancaster proved that this guy is for real. The Ballad of the Sin Eater comes off on CD just as good as it does live. Seeing him at the Siren Fest playing to a large crowd that was singing along to every song was just icing on the cake. The addition of the violin at Siren brought all the Tyranny songs a new life that was lacking ( but not in a bad way) from the first time I saw him. Simply put, Ted Leo is the motherfuckin' man.

**!** This was back in the days before Soulseek when Audiogalaxy was still the shit. Those were the days.

Oh yeah, and Ryan Adams sure sucked up the year with some crap. I actually bought Rock and Roll was like, this sucks. So I gave Love is Hell, Pt. One a try. Whoops, that Wonderwall cover is bad. Well, I've got Pt. One, I might as well get Pt. Two. Well, that had a couple good tracks.

Best comedy album was Mitch Hedberg's Mitch All Together. The guy is hilarious in that kind of way like "you didn't think that was funny? Well, I'll keep going until I get you to laugh." delivery.

The Mars Volta was good (awesome vinyl release though) but seriously, it wasn't that good. I hear all these people talking like this album is the greatest thing in years, but it's just a solid release. The two At the Drive-in splitup bands have been disappointing. Their best doesn't even touch At the Drive-in's worst. In Casino Out is just unbelievable.

It sucked to see the Dismemberment Plan move on. The remix record was a cool idea and would've been awesome if it were "Pay for the Piano" 3 times (all these are same versions), "Other Side" twice, "What do you Want Me to Say?" once, "The City" five times and "Superpowers" to close it out. Add "A Life Of Possibilities" to that list too. Some of the remixes were crappy beyond belief. Like track one. I'm sorry, but that was terrible.

Stuff to look forward to in 2004? The new Dillinger Escape Plan definitely. The Isis stuff. Anything with Patton will be interesting to check out. The !!! album, and the new Liars. It'll be a pretty good year.

Oh yeah, best 3" CD EP was the Old Man Gloom "Christmas Eve Part I and II" from Hydrahead. Well, that's the only 3" CD EP I know about but yeah, it was good.
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January 01, 2004
I decided to do the last ten songs all at once. This is my last day of the year. I took a break, I know, but did you really think I would stick to it? When you feel like you have to do something, I know I won't. Anyways, I'll do the last ten songs now and then I'll do my favorite albums of the year tomorrow. It's cool with me.

10. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
9. The Dismemberment Plan - The City
8. Elliott Smith - Angeles **!**
7. Tom Waits - Innocent When You Dream
6. Elvis Costello - New Amsterdam
5. R.E.M. - Nightswimming
4. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
3. Bob Dylan - Visions of Johanna **@**
2. Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should Have Come Over
1. Braid - Hugs From Boys

**!** It still really sucks that he died.
**@** I really want to get those reissues they came out with of all his good albums.
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December 21, 2003
11. Jawbreaker - Chesterfield King
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December 20, 2003
12. Death Cab for Cutie - Title Track
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December 19, 2003
13. Elliott Smith - Say Yes

Fuck. Seriously, I start off strong, then I forget once and get sick and never get around to blogging. What the hell.

I'm getting ready to go full power this last 10 days. Serious.

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December 18, 2003
14. Braid - Urbana's Too Dark
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